Rider Suspension Notification

Georgia Riders, please see notice below of suspension of rider, Eddie Murray, for violation of rules 1H4(b), 8A2(a), and 8J (riding in an improper class or category). It is important to note that riders are required by USA Cycling rules to register and compete only in categories that they are eligible for. Penalties for not doing so can include suspension from racing, as is the case in this situation.

"Dear Mr. Murray,

You were the subject of a complaint made by Stuart Lamp based on your behavior at the following events:

AMP Cycling Series, 9/4/13

Southeast Regional Series, 9/14/13

Six Gap Crit, 9/28/13

In the complaint you were alleged to have violated rules 1H4(b), 8A2(a), and 8J (riding in an improper class or category).  The penalty for these infraction, if found to be true, could result in suspension of your membership privileges. As such, this issue falls under USA Cycling’s Policy III on discipline. The policy is included for your convenience.

You previously spoke to the investigator, John Allen, regarding the fact that you rode events in an older age class than you were entitled to do. This matter is also fairly cut and dried since the registration data confirms what races you entered and what your racing age was at the time. The investigator has recommended a suspension of 30 days for each infraction, but given the long time line in finalizing this, we are reducing that to a total of 30 days, to be served in 2014.

As such, you are suspended from competing in any USA Cycling event from March 1, 2014 through March 30th, 2014. During that time frame you may not participate in a USA Cycling or UCI event in any capacity that requires a license.


Shawn Farrell

Technical Director                                                                  

USA Cycling"

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Important Notice Regarding Protest Procedures

As the racing season starts, it is important to send out reminders on what to do in certain situations. We had an accident this past weekend that brought to light a specific issue that beginner, and experienced racers alike need to know. If you are involved in an accident, and dangerous riding is a culprit, then you need to file a written protest with the officials. Officials cannot see every action in an event, and this accident was at a similar point. Do not assume that the officials see it, because there job may have them focusing on a specific aspect away from where the action takes place. By protesting, you are ensuring that the officials are aware on site, and could take rapid action in a given situation. We hope that issues like this do not occur on a regular basis, but please make sure you notify an official if you witness a particular issue. Information on protests can be found in section 10 of Chapter 1 in the USA Cycling rulebook. You can read that section on page 42 of the rulebook on USA Cycling's website: https://s3.amazonaws.com/USACWeb/forms/rules/2014-USAC-Rulebook-Chapter1.pdf

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GCS Schedule Initial Release

The GRBA board has been working to confirmt he races for the 2014 Georgia Championshyip Series, and we have an initial release of the calendar for those races that have committed to the series. We are expecting to add more races and complete the schedule over the course of the next week or two, but the first few races of the season are committed and ready to be raced at! Here is what we have right now:

March 29th & 30th 3rd Annual Gran Prix of Gainesville
April 12th Macon Cycling Classic(state criterium champs)
April 26th Terrapin Twilight
April 27th Historic Roswell Criterium
May 25th Junior Road Race Championships
June 28th & 29th Dingo Days of Summer
August 2nd State Time Trial Championships
August 10th State Road Championships
August 16th Litespeed BMW Criterium
August 17th Grant Park Criterium  (series finale)


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Call for Nominations For Junior Committee Chairperson
The GBRA Board is putting out the call for all junior licensee's in the state to nominate a representative to act as chairperson of the new GBRA Junior Committee. This person will work with GRBA Board members to represent the larger interests of the junior racing committee and lead the charge for anticipated new ideas and programs for new rider recruitment. The Board respectfully requests that any individual who is nominated for this position meet reasonable standards for working with GBRA and children who are 18 years of age and younger. The Board will promptly approve the nominated individual so long as there is no impediment to that person holding the chairperson’s position.

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Junior Championship Categories Resolution

On Monday, January 27th, 2014 the entire Georgia Bicycle Racing Association (GBRA) Board along with USA Cycling (USAC) representative Stuart Lamp, in a specially convened meeting, gathered to reconsider the issue of how and for what classes state championships will be awarded for junior competitor classifications.  As a matter of providing some contextual background, the Board had voted the previous June to change the award of junior state championships due to participation and competition concerns.  Prior to taking this vote, the Board requested proposals from GBRA constituents to address these concerns.  No proposals were submitted that adequately addressed the concerns raised, and a majority of the Board then voted on a different approach for awarding junior state championships.

During this past Monday’s meeting, the majority of the GBRA Board voted to re-institute the USAC approved junior state championship categories. 

In conjunction with this vote, the Board also approved providing state championship promoters the authority to combine and promote junior classifications, with no minimum participation requirements, as they deem practical for their individual events so long as state championships are awarded in accordance with the guidelines provided by USAC.

Finally, the Board voted to establish a junior committee chair position to serve as a liaison between the GBRA Board and the junior cycling community.

In the next several days the Board will set-up online voting for USAC licensed juniors, through their parents, to nominate a junior committee chairperson based upon a majority vote.  The Board respectfully requests that any individual who is nominated for this position meet reasonable standards for working with GBRA and children who are 18 years of age and younger.  The Board will promptly approve the nominated individual so long as there is no impediment to that person holding the chairperson’s position.  The Board anticipates involving the elected chairperson directly through communication with the Club / Team Board member, Kent Wheeler, and the Rider Representative Board member, Betty Hodges.  The junior committee chairperson, like other special interest chairpersons will be invited to participate directly in select GBRA Board meetings.  

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Reminder: Submit Your Junior Championship Proposals

Just a friendly reminder to all members that today is the last day to submit your Junior State Championship Categories proposals, so if you haven't already, please read over here and let us know your thoughts: http://gacycling.org/articles/86

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Junior Championships Categories Request for Proposals

The Georgia Bicycle Racing Association (GBRA) does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, athletic ability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities. These activities include, but are not limited to: participation in, promotion of, or production of GBRA events; the selection of volunteers and vendors; and provision of services.

In light of recent events regarding the implementation of some adjustments to state championship categories for 2014, we are requesting proposals to consider for implementation in 2014. The background to this story is that GBRA has never had standard published categories for state championships. This had led to questions from race directors and racers alike and what would and would not be a championship. The GBRA board set out to establish and publish what categories would be eligible for state championships. Throughout our discussions the issue of the competitive nature of the races continually came up, and seemed particularly relevant to junior categories that had low participation. As such we came to the unanimous decision to combine the younger categories of boys and girls, and combine the older girls categories into one championship. What was decided looked like this:

10-12 Combined

12-14 Combined

15-18 Girls

15-16 Boys

17-18 Boys

Part of the reason that we decided upon a straight combination of categories rather than minimum participation on race day was to attempt to remove confusion of race directors and riders alike about what categories would and would not be given championships. While we realized that not every single parent and cyclist involved would be happy, we did feel like this was the best solution to overcome the problems that we were trying to solve. Throughout the process of discussion with parents, we have always been open to other suggestions to what we had decided, although we had made it very clear that leaving the categories as they were was not an option. We did receive one suggestion that involved leaving the categories as they had previously been, but as we had previously determined and made clear, that was not an option. No other proposals have been officially made to the GBRA board. In light of the recent petition that has been distributed, which did include other such proposals for category combination, we are now requesting proposals to be officially submitted to the GBRA board for consideration. We will keep the form below open and available until Friday the 24th of January at which time will will cease to accept more proposals. The GBRA board has agreed to a special called meeting to be held on the 27th of January to discuss all submitted proposals and choose which one best fits the goals of the organization. If you feel like you have a proposal that you think will best accomplish the goals that have been listed in this posting, please use the form below to submit your proposal for consideration.


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2014 Schedule and State Championships

With the 2014 racing season fast approaching, the GBRA board has been hard at work getting things set for a great 2014 of racing. The schedule is loaded up to the website here right now, you can check that out over here: http://www.gacycling.org/schedule/list . We've also got several of the state championship races set, with the Georgia Neurosurgical Institute Cycling team once again hosting the Macon Cycling Classic as the state championship criterium for all categories. New for this year, we will be splitting the junior road race championships away from the rest of the categories, with Rome Velo once again hosting the road race for adults(on a brand new course) and the Junior Flyers and Frazier cyclings teams teaming up to host the juniors road races. The Dick Lane Velodrome and the East Point Track Club will once again host championships for all track divisions. You can see all of the championships listed over here: http://www.gacycling.org/pages/statechamps

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2014 State Championship Applications

Applications are now open for 2014 State Championships. Bids are currently being accepted for Road Race, Time Trial, Criterium and Track. Bid application forms are due to be submitted by November 30th, and discussion will take place for selection of those championships at the December 2nd GBRA Board meeting. Application can be downloaded here: http://gacycling.org/system/assets/assets/000/000/012/original/GBRA_State_Championship_Application.pdf?1352868851 . Please submit completed applicaitons to info@gacycling.org

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New State Championship Jerseys

For 2014 and forward we have a new state championship jersey design. Designed by the foks over at Ethic, Inc , and produced by the folks over at Starlight Apparel the new championship jerseys are sure to be sought after. Your first chance to win one will be at teh Cyclocross championships which will be held at Serenbe farms on teh 17th of November. Beyond that will be the 2014 season, so be sure ot be tuning your training if you plan to win one!

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