Special USAC License Offer for New or Expired Licensees

Are you an expired or potentially new USAC licensee?

Think you might like to race a couple Cyclocross races this season,
but don't really want to pay a new license fee or renew your license for just a few weeks?

Well, no one could blame you, but GUESS WHAT?? USA Cycling has a special offer, JUST FOR YOU!!
Purchase your 2015 license NOW and get the remainder of 2014 for FREE*!!


*offer good for new or expired licensees only

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2015 GBRA Board

Welcome the 2015 GBRA BOARD

Congratulations to Ryan Collins, the new Rider's Rep!

The 2015 GBRA Board

Ryan Collins, Rider's Representative
Kent Wheeler, Club & Team's Representative
Jeff Clayton, Promoter's Representative
Betty Hodges, At-Large Representative
Jeff Hopkins, Velodrome Representatve
John Patterson, Official's & Coaches Representative


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Marek Lipold Fundraiser

Marek Lipold Fundraiser

Marek Lipold, loving husband, father, friend, hockey coach, cyclist...Marek had a serious crash, on Aug.2, during the Downtown Duluth Crit and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Marek's medical bills are mounting.
Marek is one of us.
If you care to support the fundraising efforts, click the link below:



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2014 GCS Award Podiums will be presented at the
final race on the 2014 GBRA Road Calendar
the 2014 Six Gap Criterium p/b Mission Source

Congratulations to the GCS Award Winners
P1 - Jordan Heimer, Phil O'Donnell, Dave Gearhardt
Cat 2 - Fletcher Lydick, Dillon Swaim, Brandon Pruett
Cat 3-  Ryan Collins, Calvin Cheung, Greg Spaeth
Cat 4-  James Todd, Jeremy Spafard, Eric Palacio
WP1- Morgan Brown, Vanessa Drigo, Cheryl Fuller-Muller
W2 - Abigail Aldridge, Elizabeth Lee, Diana Ramos
W3 - Kim Campione, Megan Heath, Diana Nelson
W4 - Jane Tullis, Michele Gillman, Isabella Nguy
35+ - Brian Teipen, Marek Lipold, Christopher Costantin
45+ - Theron Colucci, Brad Harper, Kirk Corsello
55+ - Charles Seward, Patrick Flautt, Richard Mauney
JR M - 17-18 - Willem Kaiser, Ethan Sanders, Luke Broadwell
JR W - 17-18 - Rachel Gideon, Diana Ramos, Abigail Aldridge
JR M - 15-16 - Gabriel Mendez, James Todd, Ian Schirmer
JR W - 15-16 - Sophia Broadwell, Megan Heath, Isabella Poore
JR M - 13-14 - Davis Branyon, W. Harrison Nguy, David Heath
JR W - 13-14 - Annalise Oestreich, Jane Tullis, Lily Peck
JR M - 11-12 - Reece Latham, Sam Tullis, Lance Davidson
JR W - 11-12 - Emily Lundstrum, Makena Gates, Paula Rivera
JR M - 9-10 - Ryan Hoppenfeld, Stephen Heath, Owen Braunecker
JR W - 9-10 - Alexa Hoppenfeld, Esha Shakthy, Elizabeth May


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2015 GBRA Board Nominations are OPEN!

2015 GBRA Board Nominations are Open!

If you would like to join the board for 2015, or would like to submit someone's nomination for 2015, you can submit your nomination to us at HERE

For information about Nominations and Voting, click here: GBRA Board Nominations and Voting Information


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2014 Fouche Gap Cancelled

GBRA is sad to announce cancellation of

the 2014 Fouche Gap

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2014 GCS Standings

2014 GCS Standings

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GCS Schedule Updated Release

The GRBA board has been working to confirmt he races for the 2014 Georgia Championshyip Series, and we have an initial release of the calendar for those races that have committed to the series. We are expecting to add more races and complete the schedule over the course of the next week or two, but the first few races of the season are committed and ready to be raced at! Here is what we have right now:

March 29th & 30th 3rd Annual Gran Prix of Gainesville
April 12th Macon Cycling Classic(state criterium champs)
April 26th Terrapin Twilight
April 27th Historic Roswell Criterium
June 7th Wrenched Bicycles Oakwood City Park Classic
May 25th Junior Road Race Championships
June 22nd State Road Race Championship presented by Rome Velo
June 28 & 29th 3rd Annual Wrenched Bicycles DDS Criterium Weekend
August 16th Litespeed BMW Criterium
August 17th Grant Park Criterium 
August 23rd State Time Trial Championships p/b Wrenched Bicycles


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2014 Schedule and State Championships

With the 2014 racing season fast approaching, the GBRA board has been hard at work getting things set for a great 2014 of racing. The schedule is loaded up to the website here right now, you can check that out over here: http://www.gacycling.org/schedule/list . We've also got several of the state championship races set, with the Georgia Neurosurgical Institute Cycling team once again hosting the Macon Cycling Classic as the state championship criterium for all categories. New for this year, we will be splitting the junior road race championships away from the rest of the categories, with Rome Velo once again hosting the road race for adults(on a brand new course) and the Junior Flyers and Frazier cyclings teams teaming up to host the juniors road races. The Dick Lane Velodrome and the East Point Track Club will once again host championships for all track divisions. You can see all of the championships listed over here: http://www.gacycling.org/pages/statechamps

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2014 GBRA Board

GBRA's annual meeting was held on Sunday evening and we have just one new members of the board for 2014, and that is the Riders Representative, Betty Hodges. Here si the full list of board members for the coming year:

2014 Board

Position Name  
Rider Rep Betty Hodges  
At Large Clay Parks  
Club/Team Kent Wheeler  
Coaches/Officials John Patterson  
Promoters Jeff Clayton  
Velodrome Jeff Hopkins


We also began planning out the 2014 road racing calendar and with just a few more details to be worked out, we hope to have the calendars initial release within the next 4-6 weeks.

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